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To search for Digging Deeper ‘Day Number’ 1, search for _001.
shot6It works best to use the _underscore_ in your search string.

Here's how to start listening to the Daily Bible Reading Podcasts if you are starting TODAY.

If you are using the Youversion/ web site or their app, observe the Day Number you will be reading today. You can always come to this site and use the search box above to search for your episode. Please see easier ways to listen below.


 Easier ways to LISTEN: If you are following the Digging Deeper reading plan using a smart device, I recommend using our DBRP reading app in tandem with the Youversion/ app. You can start listening to the introduction of your next podcast while opening the Youversion reading app.


READING ALONG using the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan: If you will be using a Bible, download and print the Digging Deeper reading plan. If you are using a computer or smart device for your reading, I recommend using the Youversion web site or their app. After registering at the site or in the app, open the Reading Plans page, choose ‘Whole Bible’ plans, and look near the bottom of the list for the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan.

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